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Learn German Vocabulary

Free spaced repetition app. It's like Anki, only 10x better



I have always wondered why I can't have my own personalized vocabulary book and here comes the solution. It is simple and very intuitive. I recommend it to all the people that want to learn German

What our users say


Just discovered you today and I am pretty impressed. A very nicely engineered app. Well thought-out decks.


I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this amazing and free app. I’ve only had this for a week but I’ve increased my vocabulary so much already! Vielen Dank!!!

Add your words, learn them and never forget. All for free.

Simple and fun

Learn fast


Simple, effective, fun by design. kwiko makes learning German delightful

Small effort, big progress. Add your words, lean back and let kwiko do its magic

Scientific principles meet data insights to help you learn new words in a smart way

Stay on track

From ABC to fluent

 Our bite-sized quizzes and smart reminders will help you never give up and keep going

kwiko is the only vocabulary tool you will need at any level from A1 to C2

Your digital smart notebook

Active learners discover 10-50 new words every day. The pace of learning is fast and there is little time to memorize all those words. kwiko makes sure your effort is not wasted.

Flashcards reimagined

We reimagined flashcards and spaced repetition to make the exprience simple and more effective. Chat-based quizzing flow is much more fun.

Curated vocabulary decks

We have created vocabulary decks on daily life topics for you to get started. We create each deck manually and make sure you learn only what's relevant and useful. Each word comes with an example. 

Stay on track with smart reminders

Smart reminders are notifications that will help you stay on track and never miss a session. Our users report that this feature is one of the most important drivers of their success.