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Learn German Vocabulary

Free spaced repetition app.



"I discovered you recently and I am pretty impressed. Such a great, simple app to learn German words. Well thought-out decks. Thank you!"

— Max, B1 German learner

Built for Active Learners


Long-term retention

Designed for German learners who are serious about their progress


Learn fast

Small effort, big progress with bite-sized, personalized review quizzes 



Latest memory science meets AI to help you learn German vocabulary in a smart way

Don't lose progress

Don't lose or forget your new German vocabulary. Save your words directly into kwiko. We integrated an translation auto-suggestion feature to make saving new words easy.

Flashcards reimagined

Review your vocabulary in a chat-like flow. We re-imagined flashcards to make the experience simple and intuitive.

Most common vocabulary

Learn the most useful German vocabulary. We have created vocabulary decks with the most relevant words and phrases for you to get started.  Each word or phrase comes with an example. 

Stay on track with smart reminders

Smart reminders are notifications that will help you stay on track and never miss a session. Our users report that this feature is one of the most important drivers of their success.

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